Glass Window Repair Near Me

If your window glass is damaged, you might be wondering, “Where is the closest glass window repair near me?” We are located in the Santa Cruz area and service all across the county. Whether it’s necessary to replace just the glass, or the entire window due to issues like leaks, drafts, or structural risks, or simply repair it with our window glazing technique, we are here to help.

Condensation appearing between panes in newer windows indicates a major problem, as these units typically can’t be repaired. However, many other issues can be fixed without replacing the entire window. Below are some common problems that often only require minor repairs.

  1. Crack Repair: Small glass cracks can sometimes be repaired by a contractor using resin, usually costing between $100–$500.
  2. Frame Repair: A broken window frame doesn’t always necessitate a complete replacement. Wood frames can often be repaired for $175–$300, aluminum frames for $250–$500, and vinyl or fiberglass frames for $300–$600.
  3. Reglazing: Over time, the putty between the window panes and the frame can break down, compromising the window’s weatherproofing. Replacing this putty, a process called reglazing typically costs $250–$500 per window.
  4. Seal Replacement: Similar to putty, the window frame’s seal can degrade, leading to air and water leaks. Replacing it usually costs about $70–$120.

New Windows vs. Repair:

  • Window replacement generally costs $234–$1,224 per window, depending on the window type.
  • Window repair typically costs $100–$600, varying based on the type of repair.

Factors Influencing Cost: Your overall project cost is primarily influenced by window type, glass type, window size, the number of panes, and labor prices.

  1. Window Size: Larger panes are more expensive, so window size is usually the most significant factor when determining price.
    Window Size in Inches Cost Range
    24″x36″ $130–$180
    30″x36″ $160–$180
    24″x54″ $200–$285
    36″x42″ $320–$420
    28″x58″ $330–$440
    46″x46″ $380–$520
    46″x54″ $650–$810
  2. Window Type: Window type affects cost, especially due to size and number of panes.
  3. Window Glass Type: The type of glass used in the windows significantly impacts replacement costs.
  4. Number of Panes: Single-pane windows cost less to replace than double- or triple-pane glass.
  5. Labor: Labor costs for glazing and window repair are typically $75-$100 per hour + materials

Additional Cost Factors:

  • Emergency Glass Services
  • Full Window Replacement
  • Frame Material
  • Type of Replacement
  • Window Brand

DIY vs. Professional Window Glass Replacement:

  • DIY is suitable for small, single-pane windows.
  • For complicated glass replacement, hiring a professional is recommended to ensure proper installation and sealing.

How to Save on Window Glass Replacement Costs:

  • Choose standard glass over-treated or customized varieties.
  • Consider long-term energy efficiency benefits.
  • Opt to replace several panes or windows at once to save on labor costs.
  • Avoid emergency services and schedule replacement during the off-season.

Broken or cracked windows can be unattractive and inefficient. While you might be able to replace single-pane glass yourself, for more complicated jobs, it’s advisable to hire a professional. If the damage is extensive or the project is costly, consider replacing the entire window. Although window replacement is more expensive upfront, opting for energy-efficient windows can lead to long-term savings on utility bills and reduced repair expenses.